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The Anderson Ford Difference

Anderson Ford Total Ownership Experience begins with our commitment to deliver personalized and professionalism

at every stage. It is about responding to your individual needs and providing comprehensive programs to make your

ownership experience easy, comfortable and more pleasurable. We offer an array of financial products to further investment.

Each product can be purchased individually and is typically included in your financing package. You may even purchase

these services afterwards with a number of our plans to enable your complete and total ownership to be pleasant.

  1. ESP PremiumCARE is our most comprehensive service plan 
  2. coverage to protect you from unexpected vehicle repairs cost.

It covers the parts and service to repair thousands of key components-engine,
 transmission, steering, brakes front suspension, electrical and more for
up to 8 years or 125,000 miles


Failure of covered components due to defects in materials and workmanship
and normal wear and tear are included. With Ford ESP PremiumCARE,
it’s covered

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2.Ford EMP offers protections plans to cover the most essential maintenance
services on new and pre-owned Ford and competitive-make vehicles. Since each
plan is pre-paid, it will protect you against rising maintenance cost. It covers
routine inspections and key maintenance that your vehicle requires

   3.  PREMIUM MAINTENANCE PLANS are maximum coverage for your maintenance

Premium Maintenance Gives You  Genuine  Peace of Mind from Ford Motor Company


Mile after Mile after Mile…..

Timely care and inspections that can prevent serious and expensive repairs

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4. Coverage When You Need It Most

You get the convenience of immediate first-day rental coverage,
 at up to $30.00 per day, for all Ford and competitive- make vehicles.
And each eligible repair visit is covered for up to three consecutive days.
Plus, there is no deductible!


5 The Road can take its toll on your vehicle….

Ford ESP TripleCARE provides coverage for you vehicle from tire and wheel
damage, minor dents and dings and chips and cracks to you windshield
   6. TireCARE  Comprehensive  tire and wheel insurance protecting your vehicle
from flat tire repairs related to common road hazards, including curb damage.
When a covered road hazard is incurred, there are no deductibles or hidden fees.
Furthermore, when it’s time to replace your tires, your new tires will have the
same protections at no additional charge, for the remainder of the contract term

7.The road can take its toll on your vehicle. Then again, so can that shopping cart
in the parking lot of your local supermarket.

It happens . Sooner or later, your vehicle gets dented by any number of mishaps that
 occur over the life of your vehicle. They can add up, ultimately diminishing the look
of your car, truck or SUV.
   8. WindshieldCARE provides peace-of-mind protection for your vehicle’s windshield.



9. GapCARE (Guaranteed Auto Protection aka Debt Waiver)

In the event that your vehicle is ever declared a total loss, GAP or Debt Waiver Insurance protects you from the financial obligation of a deficiency balance. A deficiency balance is the difference between the insurance company’s appraised value of your vehicle and the actual pay off due on your loan contract or lease agreement. In early stages of your vehicle ownership this deficiency balance can be quite substantial.


10. IPP Installment Payment Plan

You finance any of Ford Credits Protection Plans with Internet Free ease. A Ford ESP Financing Plan can be arranged up to 48 months depending the type of CARE plan you select. Interest Free offers no only saving you money over the coarse of your selected coverage by helps. Experience and Proven Success. Before your factory warranty expires you extend your Ford Warranty up to 125000 miles. Contact us today and we will set aside the time to show you how we can save you money and offer you the peace of mind you deserve.




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