Our Staff

  • Executive Officers

  • Buck Anderson

    Buck Anderson

    General Manager

  • Pam Ranly

    Pam Ranly


  • Managers

  • Angela Onken

    Angela Onken

    Finance Director

  • Bruce Martin

    Bruce Martin

    Accessories MGR

  • Dale Neuendorf

    Dale Neuendorf

    Parts Manager

  • Mike Wade

    Mike Wade

    New Car Manager

    (281) 592-2611

  • Mike Weisinger

    Mike Weisinger

    Commerical & Fleet Manager

  • Tim Taylor

    Tim Taylor

    Pre-Owned Manager

  • Sales

  • Brad Crow

    Brad Crow

  • Caleb Flores

    Caleb Flores


    (281) 592-2611

  • Charles Montgomery

    Charles Montgomery

  • Chase Ahlberg

    Chase Ahlberg

  • Kevin Clark

    Kevin Clark

  • Myra Medrano

    Myra Medrano

    Sales Professional

  • Stacy Anderson

    Stacy Anderson

    Sales Professional

  • Service

  • Jimmy Duncan

    Jimmy Duncan

    Service Advisor

  • The Accounting Dept.

  • Brittney Vancamp

    Brittney Vancamp

    Warranty Administrator

  • Cindy Chance

    Cindy Chance

    Accounts Receivable

  • Phyllis Brunson

    Phyllis Brunson

    Title Clerk

  • The Receptionists

  • Susie Cauley

    Susie Cauley

    Accounts Payable